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Megan Kluck

Powerhouse Animation
Creative Director
United States
Hi there! By day I draw a lot of other people's stuff, and by night...I draw a lot of other people's stuff, aka fanart. I have some original content plunking around in there, but I have to admit it's way more fun to draw Korra and Asami making kissy faces at each other.
I'm less on the gamer side. I fell off the wagon with the Sega Genesis, so adding a camera and the ability to go anywhere but screen right is beyond my abilities. But working where I do, I'm fairly up to date on the game industry and will sometimes watch a game like a movie on youtube. Last of Us was great!
My main loves are tv/books/film. Recently ventured into the word of anime and comics - a rabbit hole of epic proportions. Always open to recs! The finale of The Legend of Korra blew my mind, I miss Agent Carter already (Bridget Regan!), Jane the Virgin is my guilty crack (Bridget Regan!), Steven Universe makes me cry each week (often wine-induced). There's really too much to list!

My Moderators Sessions

Sunday, April 30

2:00pm CDT